Minggu, 02 September 2012

Offline and Online Marketing

As a company that is very much targeted on web and online promotion, individuals might be amazed to hear that we often suggest and help our customers with off-line promotion actions as well.

It's reasonable to say that the world wide web has provided many opportunities to promote your company, and often far more affordable than some of the more traditional promotion methods such as TV and Radio.

The online has somewhat equalized the stage enabling small companies to contest with larger corporates as everyone is able to get their promotion concept across at relatively low price.

However it's keep in mind that online promotion is just one aspect of an overall online promotion technique, at the same time most, but there are lots of off-line actions that can be really efficient and producing company and increasing the information of your product.

For example mail can be a very efficient and relatively low price off-line activity, surprisingly some individuals feel this is more efficient than e-mail promoting now, because less individuals do it, therefore those that do stand out more.

Networking is another key area, this gives you to be able to meet with other like oriented companies regularly, and to talk about what you do. Most social media events are held outside of primary company hours and therefore offer a perfect probability to promote yourself and your company without having a strain on your or your sales groups efficiency.

Telemarketing can also be very efficient, although it's essential to understand that this can often have a reduced transformation amount than other promotion techniques, and therefore the products or services should be of a high enough value to rationalize the price and ensure a revenue. Lower transformation amount does not mean it should be reduced as aspect of your promotion mix as long as it is successful.

It's also essential to recognise that promotion your product goes beyond the obvious organized actions, virtually everything you do helps to either improve your product or damage it, from how you and your staff answer the phone, your personal appearance, punctuality for events and speed of reaction to customers. The list is limitless, but I think this makes the point sufficiently.

So whilst we are firm followers in the power of online promotion, we would always persuade folks to keep in mind that a online promotion technique should contain a variety of techniques off-line and online.

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